"Effortless Cleaning and Showroom Shine: Introducing the Ultimate Pressure Car Washer!

This is a must have for anybody who likes going out with clean car and would like to maintain the follow come colour of their car 

It can wash clean some hidden parts on your car that your normal hand can not reach due to the high pressure 


A pressure wash makes many cleaning tasks easy and fun to do

There are however some place where it is impossible to wash but cordless pressure washer gat you covered…

 A cordless, fuelless  pump that can help you wash with less water and less stress is here 




This are the complet parts

Advantage of cordless pressure pump:

Advantage of cordless pressure pump:

Easy to carry around, and small enough to store in the boot of your car.
Compared to corded pressure washers, cordless models are far lighter. Making them easy to transport and easier to use.

EasyTo Use
With no cable to plug in or trip over, and no hose feeding water that can also get tripped over, cordless pressure washers are easier to use than corded models.

No Power Cord To Restrict Access
As it is cordless, there is no need to find a power supply. The lack of power cord is not only less of a trip hazard, it also gives you the freedom to use a cordless pressure washer virtually anywhere.

No Need For A Hose To Supply Water
With an onboard water tank, a garden hose feeding water to the pressure washer is obsolete. Less to carry, less to drag, and absolutely no obstacle to trip over.




See What Our Customers Are Saying…

"So Grateful For This!"

“The The cordless pressure pump have really helped me in this period of fuel scarcity in my car wash  ” – peter

"very helpful

“The The cordless pressure pump is very useful i can wash my car with less stress and less time  ” – olabisi

"So happy about it !"

“The cordless pressure pump  is so amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in driving neat cars ” – Mr francis

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